e The Fall of Anterra - Issue 1 (Printed in English) - The Star-Band ChroniclesThe Star-Band Chronicles
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The Fall of Anterra - Issue 1 (Printed in English) - The Star-Band Chronicles


The Fall of Anterra – Issue 1 (Printed in English)


On the planet Anterra, a group of Anterrian warriors known as the Sacred Keepers maintain a vigilant watch over the ancient and legendary Star Bands. Weapons of immense power, once used to save the universe, now hidden away until needed again. But it’s been almost 10,000 years and most beings throughout the galaxy have forgotten about these incredible weapons.

Except for the Sacred Keepers, they know that the Star-Bands are real. They stand guard over them every day, 30 Star Bands each encased in a crystal like container. For almost 10,000 years, the Sacred Keepers have been waiting for the Star Bands awakening and training for the return of the Paladins, but no amount of training could have prepared them for what came next.

L.A. Franco is proud to present to you the new sci-fi adventure series, The Star Band Chronicles and the first issue in the series, The Fall of Anterra.

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